Top 10 Frustrations sa Buhay…My ged @!*&@^

1. I want to be a real cheerleader, as in lipad dun, lipad dito. I miss dancing.

2. I want to do shopping a lot.

3. I want to dye my hair [aquamarine or dark blue].

4. I want to be an inch or two taller [duh! 4’11” ra ko bayot…]

5. I want to be smarter, not just with books, but also when it comes to dealing with real life situations.

6. I want to be good at juggling n#mbers. [darn! bugok kog Math, Physics, Chem, anything basta naa numbers.]

7. I want to perfect my freestyle, and I wanna learn butterfly stroke [sa swimming nia].

8. I want to learn any martial arts.

9. I want to be financially stable already. [i know i have to work for this real hard…my ged!]10. I want to have BF [na for real… as in for real…]


Korni junky

Here I go again… my ever bagutbot talent chuvanis. Waaaaaaaaaa……… (playin on my audio now is VINDICATED by Dashboard Confessional.)

Hope dangles on a string
Like slow spinning redemption
Winding in and winding out
The shine of which has caught my eye

And roped me in
So mesmerizing, so hypnotizing
I am captivated

I am Vindicated
I am selfish
I am wrong
I am right
I swear I’m right
I swear I knew it all along

—>>>>> nothin’ really… i just feel down […again…]

—->>>>>>>but i’m fine i guess…hmmmm…

—–>>>>>>>>>just a bit confused. myt be kinda overanalyzing myself or the situation or that….

——->>>>>>>>>>i shudn’t hurry myself from fall…errr…yah know…ing in love (?!)

It’s funny how a man only thinks about the…
You got a real big heart, but I’m looking at your…
You got real big brains, but I’m looking at your…
Girl, there ain’t no pain in me looking at your…

— (PUssYcat DoLLs’ BeEp)

Just plain experiment

I met this guy in the Net. Chatted with him once. Then we keep communicating through CPs. He sounds like he’s a good guy… a very sweet one.

I do admit it. I’ve had lots of online BFs, but none of them really lasted so long as he did. Besides, i don’t really believe in them. Those [i mean relationships I had with them] we’re nothing but just plain experiments.

I haven’t been into serious relationships. Hell, i’m 21, but I’m pretty much single. I don’t, and I can’t consider myself taken.

Well, anyway, back to the guy I told yah… we’ve been “on” for almost 7 months now [amazing!?]. We’ve just met personally. He seems to be a nice guy, though he’s physically not my type. Darn! He’s so much more than the opposite. Oh, well, I like his height, but other than that… I can’t think of any.

I dunno… I can’t fall for him. But his sweetness can’t just be ignored. [errr… we almost had s*x. ouch!] Seriously, I dunno if I really “love” him or what… Fine, I like him. But then again, thinking about all those things that have happened, I can’t help but doubt myself if I’m really into him… or may be just another “pet research project” of mine.

You see… I’m not even so sure if I can be brave enough to introduce him to my friends without feeling a bit embarrassed, thinking about how would they react. My bad… I hate the standards I’ve set for myself. I’m so pathetic. May be that’s why until now, I don’t have a BF.

For one, it’s so difficult to find a good guy on the Net. It’s so hard to say who’s lying and who’s not. So beware…

me with my broken heart


My second day… errr… night of doing my tutorials with the Christine. Gee, got my IQ fallen on my feet. Darn! She's smart and i really do appreciate her wits. 

I did her economics assignment and then had her review some pages of her Economics book for 2mrw's quiz. Had a great [yeah ryt…]  time explaining to her all those theories. While many just required common sense, some need to be researched. And soI had my head spinning around for answers.

While I did her homework, I let her do some exercises to check on her English. I told her "PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT." Then she replied,"HOW IS IT POSSIBLE IF NOBODY'S PERFECT."

Then there went the "biggest question mark" I had on my forehead. I was scratching my forehead searching for an answer. Gee, twas close. For a minute i was speechless. Twas really a witty question… requires my brain cells to do some work other than doing abstracts… blah-blah-blah…

question mark 

Getting started blogging here, dude ;)

well… well… well… got this stuff from a friend. he told me it’s nice to blog here so i decided to make an account. i already have one at friendster. but oh well, why not make another. hehehe… umm… hope you’d find my blog interesting. most probably, you’d be reading a lot of my murmurs… almost all so personal. gee, let me call this blog an online diary instead. duh!

anyway, keep posted, dudes… hehehe… welcome by the way.

My first day as a tutor

Yesterday’s my first day working part-time as a tutor to a Korean highschool girl. Darn! Never thought they’re house is so far form the highway. So what happened? Oh well, i slept on my work in the office. ’twas a nice attempt though to multi-task.

Wish i could do better than sleeping on my work next time. I just hope I could last at least a month with this diversion of mine. It isn’t bad though. I had a great time teaching Christine [twas her given English name… i don’t know her Korean name…].

Well, I do need the money, though somehow I’ve been earning quite well with my main job. Just that my current work sucks enough. I just thought I need a diversion other than my swimming hangouts and some strolling with friends.

I’m keeping my fingers cross to enjoy my work. Just a month… this is all i’m asking for for now. have to save money for Cebu next month. Gee, hope things will be alright.

Hello world!

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